Hachiren Ramen Yomitan


Last week, when I had a day to myself, I decided to find what is supposed to be the best ramen in Okinawa. The place is Hachiren Ramen inYomitan, and it didn't dissapoint. I got there early at about 11:30, and there was already a line-up to get a table. You have to order and pay for your ramen using the machine outside, and be sure to write your name on the waitlist so you will get called when a table is ready. They offer tsukumen and ramen, and even though it was a scorching day, I opted for the spicy ramen. 
The inside of the restaurant is really small. There's only three low lying tables on tatami that would fit a maximum of four people around each, and then counter seating for about 8 people. I think if you come with a group bigger than 4 people, your only option would be counter seating, which I think would take quite a while to get unless you were the first ones there at opening time.
If you want a ramen fix and you're in Okinawa, I think this is the place to go! But hey, it's also the only ramen i've had in Okinawa, but I can say it definitely compares with the good stuff i've had on the mainland.

The menu

Behold, the deliciousness

The entrance, with the ticket machine on the right

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