Muruku Beach - Hamahiga Island


This past weekend was a long weekend due to Marine Day on Monday and we were really excited to get out and have some adventures. Mostly, I wanted to spend a lot of time on the beach. Saturday morning we woke up, and decided to take G to get a haircut and do some groceries, however the weather was looking lovely, so we decided that after the haircut we would take a trip out to Hamahiga Island and see if we could find a new beach seeing as we had never been there before.
We stocked up on picnic snacks on the way and when we drove over the bridge, we took the road to the left and ended up at Muruku Beach. 
We had the whole beach to ourselves, so we set up our beach tent and got in the water. The water was amazingly blue, and refreshingly cool, which was fantastic, because sometimes the water is so warm over here it's not really refreshing at all on a hot day.
I'm so glad we made the effort to get to the beach because after we'd been there for about an hour, the grey clouds started coming in and it started to rain, so we packed up our things and headed home. It rained heavily for the rest of the long weekend. I would have been so devastated if we hadn't gotten to the beach this weekend! I feel like i'm constantly looking out longingly at beautiful sunny days when i'm at work, and then as soon as the weekend comes it's cloudy and raining! 

Muruku Beach - Hamahiga Island

I love the colour of the water here - so different than Australia

We had the beach all to ourselves
Our beach picnic.

Rain clouds rolling in

Hermit crab

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  1. this weather lately has been sucky! I have things I want to do and none of them include being inside! Glad you got some beach time in though, love those little islands over there!

  2. I got to the beach on Saturday too... and also got rained on. But it was fun while it lasted!