Onna no Eki market 恩納村の駅


Just down the road from our place is a market place that has a fruit and vegetable market, tons of Japanese food stalls, souvenirs and even a french bakery. It's a great place to take visitors because there's a lot to see, and I love that all the fruit and vegetables they sell is only what is currently in season, which at the moment, is mangoes and dragon fruit! The have the cheapest mangoes I have seen so far in Okinawa. In Australia you can get mangoes as cheap as $1 each, usually around $2, however, over here, they're more like $6 each! Today I managed to find some for $2.50 each so I finally bit the bullet and bought one. I hope they live up to the hype.


On crazy hot days (like today) they have mist in the air because all the seating is outside for food

So many tasty summer treats
Dragon Fruits!

I'm hoping this sign means that the eggs I bought are from happy chickens

Souvenirs galore! 

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  1. Your photos make me want to visit Japan so badly! Can't believe how expensive the mangos are though!


    1. You should definitely visit! You can get here so cheaply these days and it's so much cheaper than Australia in my opinion!