NGV Triennial

This New Year i've struggled to make any resolutions, but one thing I did decide was to try to go on some kind of adventure at least once a month, whether that be going for a hike somewhere i've never been, going to see a show, or visiting a museum i've never been to. I think it will help keep me sane while navigating my insane job, and also help motivate me to start blogging again. Also, I want to finally get myself a decent camera, because yes, I still take all my photos on my iPhone, and especially on my trip last weekend to Steavenson Falls, I was really regretting my lack of proper camera.

Anyway, in the theme of adventures, this past weekend, my mum came to Melbourne to help out with G while we're working these school holidays (anyone know or have any connections to help me get one of those magical jobs that have all school holidays off work - without having to become a teacher!?). We decided to venture into the the city to visit the National Gallery - NGV and their latest exhibition, the NGV Triennial. The whole exhibition is free and I was really impressed! My only regret is that I went in there hungry and therefore didn't spend as much time as I would like there. I didn't really know what to expect, except I knew there was a Yayoi Kusama installation, which I loved, and unexpectedly, there was also an installation by Teamlab, the awesome people who put on the DMM Planets exhibition I went to in Tokyo the year before last!

The whole thing was also really great for kids, and there was a separate exhibition with hands on things for kids (not sure if it was actually related to the Triennial).
The NGV Triennial runs until 15 April 2018.

The NGV Trienial runs at the National Gallery of Victoria until April 2018

Entrance to the NGV

Loved this installation ,#

Yayoi Kusama's Flower Room
Kids exhibit

View of Melbourne over the Yarra River on a sunny day
Melbourne <3

Marysville and Steavenson Falls

Last week was H's birthday. This year for her present I decided to get us a romantic night away in Marysville, where we previously used as a base for our snow trip in August. This time we were kid free and ready to relax!

Unfortunately the Saturday we arrived was over 40 degrees, absolutely boiling, but we were lucky our accommodation had air-conditioning!

We made the leisurely drive to Marysville (about 1.5 hours out of Melbourne), stopping in Healesville for lunch on the way, at Giant Steps Winery for lunch on the way, which was delicious, and the perfect start to our trip.

When we checked in to our cottage, we went for a quick walk out in the crazy heat to the supermarket for some supplies and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing because it was way too hot to do anything. The perfect getaway really!

The next morning, once the cool change had come through, we went for a longer walk around town, stopping at the bakery for breakfast, then after checking out, decided to drive out to Steavenson Falls. I'm a sucker for a waterfall, and this one didn't dissappoint! The last waterfall i'd seen was a very underwhelming small one in Okinawa, so I was blown away by this one was was over 80 metres tall!

There was lots of parking at the falls ($3 parking fee, coin only - so come prepared!) and only a 5 minute walk to the falls. After checking it out we decided to do the hike up to the top of the falls which was much harder and more rugged but totally worth the views!

I absolutely recommend a stop at Steavenson Falls if you're in the Marysville area. It was magnificent and much better than I was expecting.

Marysville is definitely our number one getaway destination when we're after a weekend away. I love how pretty and tiny the town is, as well as how close it is to Melbourne. Also, the drive there is beautiful, past all the vineyards in the Yarra Valley and then the amazing forest drive through Black Spur! We will definitely go back again.
Marysville Garden Cottages

Loved this weird tree

Countryside <3

This gorgeous creek flows through town

One of the views up at Steavenson Falls

The view from the top of Steavenson Falls, Victoria
The view from the top was magnificent

Adventuring with this lady :)

Black Spur drive victoria
Black Spur
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Marysville is a short 1.5 hour drive from Melbourne through the Yarra Valley. It is a gorgeous small town perfect in any season!

Spring in Melbourne plus some news!

Spring has arrived in Melbourne! I love this time of year! The air smells like jasmine and there are blossoms out everywhere! Also, daylight savings has started, so the afternoons are lovely and we'll be able to spend more time out in the park after work.

In some exciting news for us - we bought an apartment! We've spent years lusting over real estate and imagining what we could eventually buy, and now it's happened. It's a cute little apartment, not too far from where we're living now, but it's a little bigger and perfect for us! We can't wait to move in (which won't be until around May next year). Here's to life with a mortgage! Eep!

Otherwise, life back in Melbourne has been good. A bit of an adjustment for me, and work has been insane since I started, but i'll eventually get the hang of things (I hope) on that front. Life-wise though, we've loved being back close to friends and so much amazing food! Melbourne really is the best! 

Enjoy some lovely spring photos from the last few weeks!

Double rainbow over Brunswick East
Caught this double rainbow walking home the other day! It was so bright!
Melbourne Graffiti laneway
East Brunswick Laneway


Spring at the University of Melbourne
More blossoms! These ones at Melbourne Uni

Hot air balloons over melbourne
Hot air balloons and the city views on my morning walk

More Melbourne Uni

"puppy party" in our local park

Coffees with Ollie

Ollie and his buddies

Where to see snow near Melbourne!

My snow cat

Last weekend we finally got something I feel like we haven't had since we moved back to Australia: A truly relaxing weekend! Every since we went to the snow in Japan, little G has been talking about seeing snow in Australia, and that together with the fact that I had some time in lieu and H was about to start her new job the following week, we jumped at the chance to have a long weekend in the country and take that kid to the snow!

We found a super cute cottage just outside of Marysville, in a little town called Buxton, which was only a 30 minute drive from Lake Mountain (the snow destination). We didn't really have any huge expectations for the weekend, as I wasn't expecting much in the way of snow, and we really just wanted to relax. Well, our cottage was absolutely perfect and even better than we were expecting. It was super cute, with a great fireplace and a cute yard with a little creek running behind that we could hear whenever we walked outside. It was also pet friendly, so we could take the dog with us!

On our way to the cottage, we drove through the Yarra Valley and made a quick stop at the Chandon Winery to pick up a bottle of bubbles, stretch our legs and take some photos. I love that place. When we got closer to Marysville we drove through the Blackspur forest surrounded by gorgeous, tall gum trees on the winding road. It was just a spectacular drive.

Right before we got to the cottage, we stopped in Marysville to pick up a couple of supplies, and G had a play in the park. Again, so pretty, and such a great park for kids! Marysville is such a cute town!

Chandon winery yarra valley
Domaine Chandon winery

Chandon winery yarra valley
The motherland

Chandon winery yarra valley

Nice spot for a snack and a drink

Black Spur Victoria
Black Spur

Marysville Victoria

Our cottage for the weekend
We spent our first night afternoon and night just hanging out in the cottage, getting the fire going, eating cheese and crackers, reading books and just hanging out. Perfect really.

Saturday morning after breakfast, we headed into Marysville to rent some toboggans and get some snow gloves, and off we went to Lake Mountain. It costs $56 to enter Lake Mountain, which is the fee to bring the car in, and there's no avoiding it if you want to get to the snow. Once we we through the entrance point and driving up the mountain towards the carpark, I was pretty surprised by the amount of now around, which only increased as we got closer. 

The snow quality was much better than I was expecting (I had pretty low expectations) and was perfect for tobogganing and building snow men. There were lots of people there, but not too many to make it unpleasant, and there were a couple of different toboggan runs as well as cafes and gear rental. I think there were some pretty tame ski slopes as well but we just went to toboggan.

We didn't try any of the food there, as it seemed like overpriced cafeteria food, but overall it was heaps of fun and I totally recommend it for a fun day out (with or without kids). If you were driving up from Melbourne, it's only a couple of hours, so easy enough to make a day trip. I would also recommend stopping in Marysville on the way to get your rental gear, as it didn't take long at all, and the prices were great. There seemed to be quite a line up at Lake Mountain.

Overall, it was a perfect weekend, and I was so hard to drag ourselves back to Melbourne, and real life. We would definitely go and stay our in the same area again.

The "babbling brook" at the bottom of the cottage yard

Lake Mountain closest snow to Melbourne

Lake Mountain closest snow to Melbourne

Lake Mountain closest snow to Melbourne

Lake Mountain closest snow to Melbourne

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