Settling in

I've now been here over a week and yesterday we moved into our new house, or as we have named it, Dream House.
We call it that because it ticked all our criteria (except for a dishwasher): in our price range, close to the beach, 3 bedrooms (one for guests), pets allowed, close to work and air conditioning. 

A house, let alone a big house would never have been a possibility on mainland Japan, but in Okinawa it's a reality and it's awesome. We have vowed to make our house a home while we live here, rather than living out of suitcases. The house is pretty sparse until our furniture arrives in a month, but even then I love it.

We have a swing and a slide on the verandah for G and a completely separate guest house under ours for visitors.

Yesterday we went for a walk on the beach with Ollie (the dog) and my mum, who is here for 2 weeks, and G collected a bucket full of shells. 

Now we just need more sun for a swim at the beach.

I start work next week, so reality will hit me when I'm working 5 days a week, but it will be great coming home to our great house.

沖縄に住んでいます I live in Okinawa

I live in Okinawa now....
This has really hit me this week. In the middle of house hunting, driving around in my little car, grocery and furniture shopping. 
The pets arrived on Thursday night a little disturbed, but in one piece and having them here with us makes it feel even more like home. I can't wait until I sign the lease and move in to our new house next week so we can really start making a home here. I think all of us will benefit from our own personal space again.
Last night I discovered a gorgeous little cafe/pottery shop called Doka Doka a couple of minutes from our temporary accommodation. It was up on a hill overlooking the ocean where we had the chance to watch a beautiful sunset. 

And this morning I tried out a little cafe on the beach for breakfast that served organic pancakes and curries called Island Cafe. I'll definitely be going back to both! 
Breakfast view at Island Cafe.

Even though it's technically winter here, the sun was warm and the water was inviting today so we even spent some time swimming at the beach. I can only imagine how much time we'll be spending there as the weather warms up!

おはよう Okinawa

After 3 flights and an hours drive, the little man and I arrived at our temporary accommodation in Onna-son Okinawa.

After meeting my relocation person and getting in the car for the drive here, I think it finally hit me that this wasn't just a holiday, it's a move!

We had a brief stop at the supermarket for essentials to get us through a couple of days, and some treats for the little man and we were finally settled in our 2 bedroom apartment on campus. 
The spice section of the supermarket made me happy about the ability to make comfort foods when we need! 

Our apartment doesn't have a tv (yikes), but has great internet, so Griff has been able to get his Peppa Pig fix no problem. He handled the long trip over here amazingly well, and only started to lose his cool as we were coming through customs in Naha airport.

Today we inspected two potential rental houses, one of which I LOVE and am really hoping we get approved for. It's across the road from the beach, and has a slide and swing on the giant balcony which Griff loved.

We should know tomorrow whether we get it. The upfront cash you need to rent a hide over here is extortionate compared to Melbourne. The monthly rent is comparable to Australia (if not a bit cheaper) but the outlay in the beginning is a bit shocking! 

Hopefully all going well, we'll be moving into our own place next week and living with the bare essentials until our furniture arrives in a month or so!

In the meantime, I guess I'll have to live with this view 

All packed up!

One awesome part of this move is the fact that, for the first time in my life, somebody else has packed my house for me. The moving people came in and packed up almost all the house in only 5 hours! 
We'll be spending the next 5 days in a furniture-less house until me and the little man make the move (3 flights with a toddler! Yikes!) on Monday.

Now that our stuff has been packed and sent there is no turning back, and the reality has started to hit. 
I'm going to miss this little house and the life I've made here, but am equally excited to be embarking on such a great journey and taking up such a fantastic opportunity for my little family.

 I spent the last hour feasting on Pho while other people did the hard work of packing up my house.