Settling in


I've now been here over a week and yesterday we moved into our new house, or as we have named it, Dream House.

We call it that because it ticked all our criteria (except for a dishwasher): in our price range, close to the beach, 3 bedrooms (one for guests), pets allowed, close to work and air conditioning. 

A house, let alone a big house would never have been a possibility on mainland Japan, but in Okinawa it's a reality and it's awesome. We have vowed to make our house a home while we live here, rather than living out of suitcases. The house is pretty sparse until our furniture arrives in a month, but even then I love it.

We have a swing and a slide on the verandah for G and a completely separate guest house under ours for visitors.

Yesterday we went for a walk on the beach with Ollie (the dog) and my mum, who is here for 2 weeks, and G collected a bucket full of shells. 

Now we just need more sun for a swim at the beach.

I start work next week, so reality will hit me when I'm working 5 days a week, but it will be great coming home to our great house.

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