Back to Reality


Tomorrow I finally start my new job. Eek!

Even though I have been here almost 2 weeks, I feel as though I have spent all that time running around sorting out boring registration type things, like inspecting rentals, registering my residency, setting up a bank account and getting a pension book. I have, however, managed to fit in a trip to Churaumi Aquarium and lots of shopping.
Our view from the aquarium cafe

One of the many flower statues at Ocean Expo Park

I forced myself to spend some time winding down this weekend and did a puzzle and spent some quality time on the beach even though the weather has been miserable. Also, my Kindle arrived, so it's been hard to put it down and make myself sleep of a night.

This weekend I have also had the chance to meet some of my neighbours and everyone has been really sweet, curious and friendly about the gaijin family that has moved into the big house. 

I really hope all goes well with my first day tomorrow!

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