All together again


I feel like life is finally starting to settle down here and become, well, life.
My new work has been great so far and i'm really excited by my role and the opportunity to be working somewhere so completely different to where I was.

    My space age work building

My mum left on Saturday, and we managed to get a couple of hours of sun for the first time since the day she arrived 2 weeks ago, which meant BEACH. Griffin and Ollie had such a fun time paddling at our beach and we managed to find a really nice spot near the seawall to swim even though it was low tide (which means lots of seaweed pretty much everywhere else).

We are still waiting for our furniture to arrive (maybe in another few weeks), but the place is gradually becoming more and more comfortable and less bare.

My love arrived on Saturday, and it's so nice to have the family back together. I feel like even the pets are feeling more chilled out now that we're all here and ready to make a life in Okinawa. Griff also started at his new childcare today. Half the day is taught in English and the other half in Japanese. I'm hoping he picks it up quickly and it's not too daunting. We arrived early to help him settle in this morning but he waved us off 5 minutes after he had arrived!

    Home made vegetarian udon soup

   One of my neighbours' Shisas dressed as Santa

   Calling tuna "sea chicken" will never get old

   Funassyi drinks!

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  1. First, your blog is really fantastic. It's very identifiable, yet provides excellent cultural information. Second,as I'm possibly going to be in the same boat soon myself, how did you get your pets over to Japan? Did you take them on the plane with you? (Cargo and/or cabin?)

    1. Hi Jess! Thanks!
      Because I came from Australia, the only option is to take them as cargo. I used a pet transport company because I found all the paperwork and organising too stressful!

  2. I'm glad they did so well with cargo then. :) Thank you!

    1. Honestly, I think for our pup, it was fine, but for the cat, it was really stressful (although she's absolutely fine now!). There's are some good facebook pages where people talk about their moving with pets from the USA. If you search Okinawa Pet and Supply Sales you should be able to get good info.

  3. Thank you for the suggestion about Facebook. I've been reading reviews of pet transporters and most seem to be okay, but I have a nervous chihuahua and two cats who only leave the house for vet appointments. So now I'm the nervous one. We're still hoping to be able to take the cats on the plane with us though.
    Anyway, I certainly appreciate your follow up to my question and I'm glad both the puppy and cat are doing well. :)

  4. PS - I apologize for the pic/name change mid stride. This was an ooooold blog I had completely forgotten about. Now it's updated.