Tokyo - Ueno streets and udon


A few weeks ago I spent less than 24 hours in Tokyo to go to the Madonna Rebel Heart Tour show at Saitama Super Arena. It was almost painful for me because I was on such a tight schedule that I had no time to stop and look around (or even breathe), but all I wanted to do was take some photos and enjoy the Tokyo atmosphere (never fear, I will be back there in a few weeks with plenty of time to take photos!).

I woke at 6am so I could get to Narita with plenty of time for my flight back to Okinawa, and it was really cool to be walking through the quiet streets in Ueno before the shops opened and Ameyoko was packed with tourists. 

I will always have a soft spot for Ueno in my heart because it was the last station for my train when I was living north of Tokyo, so I would often find myself there of a weekend shopping, eating or going to one of the many museums in Ueno Park. It's also a great and very popular place for Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) during cherry blossom season with lots of stands selling food and beer and people packed under the cherry blossom trees having a great time with their friends. I also had a lovely time there last year with my family riding in the swan boats on Shinobazu Pond. 

I managed to take a few early morning photos along the way to the train station, as well as arrive at Narita with enough time to get some kitsune udon for breakfast! Yum!

It makes me happy to think that in 3 short weeks I will be back there again with family, during the bustling daytime hours with plenty of photo opportunities!

Gold shoes and manhole covers
Ueno Tokyo
Black and white

Ueno Tokyo
Morning after Madonna, walked past a sign that says Madonna in katakana

Ueno tokyo


Narita terminal 3
Narita Terminal 3 - Udon breakfast

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