Little Cactus Bagels - Sunabe Seawall


Last weekend before G's swimming lesson we decided to go in search of a bagel place that I had seen someone post on their instagram...... mmmm bagels. I had heard of Cactus Eatrip and their delicious bagels but had never been because it's in Ginowan, which is just a little bit further than we usually go for our usual weekend errands, however when I discovered that they had another, little outpost on the Sunabe Seawall (pretty much on the way to swimming), I couldn't get there fast enough. Little cactus is part of a kind of mini food court with two other vendors. It's hard to describe, but more like a cafe setting, but with three different counters to order food from the vendor you want. The other two were a donut ball place and a chicken and beer place. The both also looked good.

Little cactus okinawa

We ordered one with sun dried tomato and herbs cream cheese, and one with avocado and tomato. They were both delicious and I really loved the texture of the bagels. Their coffee though..... not the greatest. That's ok though because the bagels were awesome! We will definitely be back.

Bagel goodness!

Little Cactus Okinawa
Bagel counter
I will!

You can find their location and opening hours here

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  1. The food at Little Cactus is so good! I loved their smoked salmon sandwiches. Those were my favorite. I especially loved the oreo bagels with the oreo cream cheese. #yum

  2. Wade and I were coming here every sunday for a bit! It is one of my favorite spots. He will sit and read and I normally travel plan due to the awesome free wi fi lol!

  3. Where is their new location? Thank u!

    1. It's just a couple of blocks away towards the 58. So VERY close. I don't have a pin for it, but if you drive to the old one and just do a loop around the block you should see it!