Life lately - February


February is almost over and next month will see the first of our visitors arriving for what will be a visitor-packed 6 months!

This month has been very chilly, grey and dreary, weather-wise and and we've only had one sunny weekend day this whole month, which has been getting to me. I really can't wait for the weather to warm up and for the sun to come out again on a more regular basis. This winter has involved lots of time at home making tasty foods and watching tv. We just finished season 2 of Transparent on Amazon, which was AMAZING, and have just started watching Damages on Netflix, which is from 2007 or something but is really gripping. So basically, life lately, is pretty uneventful on a day to day basis. Expat life, it can be just like everyone else's. Haha.

I've been getting into the seasonal sakura (cherry blossom) products that start coming out around this time in Japan. From ice creams, to beer (only the packaging, not the flavour), to drinks and biscuits, Japan loves sakura. I even heard that pepsi will be bringing out a limited edition sakura flavour next month! You know i'm going to try that, and I don't even like soft drinks!

Even though we haven't done much this month, i've been enjoying walking around my little neighbourhood and taking photos of the cherry blossoms and the cute little streets. I really like our little neighbourhood and I hope you enjoy the photos below.

Nakadomari beach
Our beach
Okinawa cherry blossoms
The Okinawa cherry blossoms are slowly disappearing 

Our house is at the end of this street.

sakura ice cream and gudetama ice cream
Trying some new ice creams

Orion limited edition sakura
Limited edition Orion beer. 

vegan pulled jackfruit and slaw sliders
Pulled jackfruit and slaw sliders - so delicious!

Swimming class japan
Weekly Saturday morning swimming lesson

Donuts and bagel
Pre swimming lesson donut balls and bagel

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