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One my my favourite places to eat in Japan is at 100 yen sushi restaurants. There is something for everyone and it's so so cheap! I've been to quite a few different chains in Japan (Sushiro, Uobei, Genki etc) but my favourite one in Okinawa is Hamazushi. At Hamazushi all plates of sushi are 100 yen each (about 0.90 USD) and only 90 yen on weekdays! There are other items on the menu that are more expensive, however everything is still cheap. The bowl of ramen in the picture below was about 360yen.  

Most 100 yen sushi places in Japan are similar. You walk in, and if there is a wait, you can use a machine to input the number of people in your group and whether you want to sit at a table or a counter (or whatever is available first). You take your number and wait for it to be called.

Once you are seated, you can choose what you want to eat off the conveyor belt as it goes around, or you can order from the touchscreen menu (available in English) at your table. Even if you are vegetarian or vegan there are things on the menu you can eat. It's not all raw fish and strange foods! They also have a seasonal menu, so that you can occasionally try different things.

So many cheap tasty foods
Hamazushi okinawa
So many options

Kid friendly

Hamazushi okinawa

Seasonal menu

This crepe cake is amazing!

Happy boy!
The branches I have been to in Okinawa are in Uruma/Gushikawa, on route 85, near the Aeon Shopping Centre (ph 098-979-2870) and the Chatan branch on route 58 (ph 098-982-7331)

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