Anettaichaya Hammock Cafe


Last weekend, as I previously posted about, we went in search of the cherry blossoms at Nakijin Castle Ruins, about 1 hour drive north of our place in Onna-son. After we had had our fill of blossoms and blossom related snacks we decided to find somewhere for lunch. Originally I really wanted to try a vegetarian place I had read about, which turned out to be closed. Next I though we should try Pizza in the Sky, which everyone seems to rave about, however when we got there it was SO busy and it looked like there would be a huge wait, so we headed about 100 metres down the road to the third option, Anettaichaya Hammock Cafe. I was so glad the first 2 options didn't work out because I LOVED Anettaichaya.

There were only two other customers there when we arrived, which was lucky because it meant that we could be seated at one of the outdoor hammock tables, which are the best! The table was basically in a little sun shelter with comfy cushions and of course, the hammock. The weather was one of the only amazing clear sky days we have had in a month, so the view was incredible. The staff were really helpful accommodating a vegetarian. They advised us what was vegetarian and what could be made vegetarian (the pizza toast and the coconut toast) and also checked that we were ok with eggs and dairy. I had the chicken and vegetable pho, which was super tasty, and H had the pizza toast and G had the cinnamon and coconut toast. We also had a cup of hot chai which was super delicious! I could have sat around there all afternoon enjoying the view, but eventually after we all had a turn on the hammock we got in to the car and made the drive home after a lovely day. If you are ever up Motobu way, I definitely recommend stopping at Anettaichaya for lunch!

I love this mug!

What we ate - Vegetable and chicken pho, pizza toast, coconut and cinnamon toast, hot chai

Looking back at the little seating areas and the main restaurant

This guy was pretty happy.
Anettaichaya (Hammock Cafe)
60 Nobaru, Motobu-chō,
Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-0215

I couldn't find it in google maps, so just searched for Pizza in the Sky and then kept driving past that.

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