Perfect Saturday- Greek food and beach swim


This past Saturday we had a perfect weather day here in Okinawa (but as I type this it's a chilly 10 degrees celcius!). Seeing as I was flying up to Tokyo on Sunday, we decided to have a little family valentines celebration by going out to Ikei Island to have lunch at Little Greek Kitchen, a restaurant I have been desperate to try for ages. We, rather hopefully, packed a bag of beach stuff in case the weather was warm enough and we were so lucky it was because we also managed to get in our first beach swim of the year (even though it's still winter!)

Firstly, Little Greek Kitchen. Basically I was just there for the feta cheese, because the owner and chef makes it herself. It was divine. Next time I really need to remember to pre-order some to take home with me. She served us a huge amount of food and we were stuffed by the time we left. Her Greek salad, dips and tzatziki were AMAZING. Even though it's over an hours drive to get there from our house, it's worth the drive. You need to be sure to reserve a table in advance because they don't take walk-ins. 

The restaurant is in an old shipping container.
Little Greek Kitchen Okinawa
This food made me happy

Chocolates from my valentine
After lunch, the weather was really lovely and warm, so we decided to check out Ikei beach and see whether it was open for swimming. You have to pay to enter this beach, which seems crazy coming from Australia, but it really is gorgeous, and has a lot of nice facilities. After checking we could swim, we got changed and headed down to the water. Of course we were the only people swimming. The water was chilly, but after a couple of minutes in there it seemed perfect. We swam out to the pontoon and could see some tropical fish swimming around under the sea. It really was the perfect day! Here's hoping the weather heats up again for more swimming in the near future!

Ikei Beach

Ikei Beach Okinawa
We swam out to the pontoon. Griff loved hanging out on it!

Ikei Beach Okinawa
The water was crystal

Happy times!

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  1. Thank you so much Rachael and family!!! I'll be a little better I getting out the vegetarian package next time!! Oh and no need to pay for the beach the one behind Little Greek Kitchen is brilliant❤️

    1. Thanks Pamela! And great to know about the beach behind Little Greek Kitchen!