Life lately - March


This month so far has been pretty quiet for us. The weather every weekend has been pretty miserable so we haven't really gotten out for any adventures and we're just starting to get excited for our first lot of visitors for the year arriving in 2 weeks. Even though the weather on the weekends has sucked, we are starting to see more blue skies and sunny days about (even if I am stuck in the office on those days!). 

In fact, we got so excited about the potential for good weather on a future weekend, that we bought ourselves a tent! That's right. This year is going to be the year of camping for our little family. In Okinawa you can actually camp on the beach, pretty much set yourself up on any old random beach that takes your fancy (well maybe not fancy hotel beaches or pay to enter beaches). Last year I even saw a few tents set up on the beach across from our house. Our aim is to do it on someone else's beach! If you have any recommended pet-friendly camp sites in Okinawa, please let me know!

Pizza at cafe doka doka okinawa
Lunch with a view at Cafe Doka Doka
On one of the lovely weather work-days last week, we headed out for a lunch date at Cafe Doka Doka, just down the road from work to make the most of the sun and eat pizza. That cafe really has the best views! They also sell the nicest pottery i've seen on the island.

blue skies and ocean and cafe doka doka okinawa
Blue skies and turquoise ocean
Last week we also had the opening of little G's childcare centre art show. His childcare is at my work (and is awesome) and every year they have an art exhibit up on campus. Some of the stuff is so adorable. All the kids came up for the opening and we got to walk around with G looking at all his artwork. 

Griffin's masterpieces -top: pet rock, bottom left: Okinawa shisa mask, bottom right: pine cone pineapples

Okinawa sunset
Tis the season for some amazing sunsets
This week we have also had some spectacular sunsets. Because they days are longer and not so chilly, it's really nice to get home and sit outside on the deck with a glass of wine, while G has a play and watch the sun setting. It's a great way to unwind.

cauliflower mac n cheese
Healthy cauliflower mac n cheese

My new ridiculous bag

Our pup got a haircut so we can see his eyes again

Okinawa sunset
More sunsets

Okinawa sunset nakadomari
We're so lucky to live here.

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  1. those sunset pics are awesome! and that bag is awesome lol

  2. I love the bag! :D