Sunny Sunday - Indian food and BBQ


Lucky for us, this past weekend was pretty nice, weather-wise, which meant we could finally get out and do some things! Saturday was G's sports day (運土塊)which was held at my work in the morning. It was so cute watching all the little kids do their sports (including the babies!). I considered doing a blog post about the day, but don't feel right about posting photos of other peoples kids without their permission (and that would be a lot of permission to get!). 

Sunday we got up and took the puppy for a walk on the beach and G went for a little dip because the water was just too gorgeous to resist! Afterwards we went shopping to get some supplies for our new barbecue then went to lunch at an indian restaurant we've been wanting to try for a while, Bollywood Dreams in Chatan. This is the third indian restaurant we have tried in Okinawa, and the best so far! It's located in Depot Island, which is a super cute little area of American Village in Chatan. It reminds me of one of the fake towns that they have in theme parks like Disneyland, or Dreamworld (for any Australians reading!). All the shops are really cute and kitschy and Bollywood Dreams was equally so. Inside was plastered with pictures of Bollywood stars as well as a TV playing Bollywood movies. I loved it! Their lunch menu is kind of limited, but awesome. H tried the two vegetarian curries on the lunch menu (a daal and a vegetable curry) and I had the lamb and vegetable curries with a piece of tandoori chicken. The naan was huge and the curries delicious! We will definitely go back!

The afternoon we went home and set up the BBQ. H got the charcoal going and I made some tofu and vegetable skewers. It was really fun and tasty! Can't wait to use it more this summer!

nakadomari beach
Our beach

Depot Island Chatan
American Village Chatan

Cute looking cafe

Amazing food here

So much Bollywood

Curries and naan

Happy shisa

Bollywood Dreams lunch menu
Lunch menu

Bollywood Dreams lunch menu
Lunch menu

Trying out the new BBQ

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  1. I'm so jealous that beach is just outside your door!!!! and now i'm craving naan bread :P

  2. Great pictures! I need to come to your beach!! :)