GubGub's Vegan Kitchen Yomitan


Yesterday, while searching Facebook for good vegetarian food in Okinawa, I stumbled across GubGub's Vegan Kitchen in Yomitan. I saw a photo of a faux meatball sub and instantly showed it to H, because I knew she would want it - instantly. That settled it, straight after work we drove to Yomitan and went to GubGub's Vegan Kitchen. It did not disappoint!

Everything on the menu is vegan, and ranges from hamburgers, to pizzas, tacorice and hotdogs. I decided on the cheeseburger, and H got the meatball sub. Both were delicious and exceeded expectations. They were both really saucy (hehe), so needed lots of napkins to keep ourselves looking presentable. I kept commenting on the fact that the sauces on my cheeseburger made it taste just like a whopper!

The interior of the restaurant is really cute and the owners are lovely! They speak great English and were really friendly. There were only 3 tables (seating about 4-6 people each), so they can't seat a lot of people inside, but they also have a bar outside serving yummy alcoholic drinks. The bar is also dog friendly! I can't wait to go back.


The specials menu. I didn't take a photo of the regular menu though - which i'm regretting now...

My cheeseburger with a side of coleslaw
The meatball sub with vegan cheese and a side of fries and vegan gravy

Super cute interior. The window on the other side of the kitchen is the bar

You can find a map to their location on their Facebook page here, but it's just off route 6 near the ocean. I highly recommend it.

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  1. As a vegetarian it's always nice to find a great place to eat! If I'm ever in the area I'll be sure to check this place out.

  2. Yum. How exciting. I always love to find vegan food because it gives me so many options to munch on. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  3. Yum it looks delicious and cute! I am not a vegan but I do LOVE vegan food, will definitely have to check this place out. We went to a vegan cafe super close to Ploughmans, but I dont know the name of it, it was good anyway! (I can ask Matt for directions if you ever want to check it out)

    1. Yes, I saw the sign for that Vegan place near Ploughman's. I might try and venture there this weekend.

  4. You should submit this to Okinawa Hai! I imagine it would be a big hit!