6 months living in Okinawa


So today is 6 months since packing up my whole house and life and moving to Okinawa. On one hand, it feels like we've been here for much longer than 6 months, but on the other hand it feels like it's been not long at all. 

One of the deciding factors in making this move was the proximity to the ocean, and we were lucky enough to rent an amazing house right on there beach and only a 5-10 minute drive to work. Let's face it, there's absolutely no way we'd be able to afford a beachfront house in Australia, or any other time in the rest of our lives, so we're making the most of this one. We have put the effort in to making this house our home, with the idea that we will ship anything home that we have bought over here and love. 

Our house, and seen by me floating in the ocean

Having a picnic dinner on our beach

Looking down at our living room/kitchen/tatami room from upstairs

Griff's giant room is really long.

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