36 hours in Tokyo (part 1)


This past weekend my lady and I were lucky enough to get a child free weekend in Tokyo. It was amazing! This was the first time in 6 months we had been child free for more than a couple of hours so we made the most of it!

We had a late flight that didn't get in to Haneda until 11pm, however we were determined to get out and about on our first night. I'm usually well asleep by 11 most nights, but I was on holiday, and was going to make the most of it! By the time we got to our hotel in Shibuya it was about 12:30, so we headed straight to a nearby izakaya, Gonpachi, that I had been to previously and knew was good. We were one of only 3 tables of people there because it was really late, but we quickly ordered some yakitori and drinks. I definitely recommend checking out Gonpachi if you are in Shibuya and want some tasty izakaya food. The yakitori was delicious!

After Gonpachi, as dodgy and cheap as it is, we headed to Saizeriya. Ever since I lived in Japan 8 years ago teaching English, I've had a love affair with Saizeriya. It is a cheap Italian family restaurant chain that is always open late (10am-8am in Shibuya).  I used to go there after work with friends and share a super cheap 500ml carafe of red wine for ¥399 and cheap cheap bowl of pasta. Luckily H also appreciates the awesomeness of Saizeriya, and we headed there for a nightcap, then were home in bed by 3am! Party animals!

Waiting for our flight

We for some airport wine cans while we waited for our flight. I've got to say, it was barely drinkable!

Our first stop of the evening

Drinks menu at Gonpachi

Gonpachi interior is lovely

First taste of Tokyo food and drinks. H had the Sangria (left) and I had a peach cocktail (right)

The cheap cheap Saizeriya menu

¥1080 for 1500mls of drinkable red wine! Crazy!

Late night back streets of Shibuya

Walking home

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  1. so fun! I am also so incredibly jealous of your kid-free weekend! I don't think Matt & I have ever had a kid-free weekend, sad but true! Just one of the perks of living overseas. I am so impressed you stayed out that late haha, ever since having kids, anything past 11 and I am a wreck the next day! Looking forward to part-2 :)

  2. Love the blog! Sounds like a fun weekend :) xo