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Last week at work was crazy-busy, and one of the saving graces was the food that accompanied it. We've also had G's dad over here for a visit, which has meant eating out a lot, as well as the chance for H and I to have our first date night in 6 months! For date night we went to Pizzeria da Enzo, which is a new place right near Cape Maeda, and it was seriously delicious! I think it's my favourite place in Oki. It rivalled some of the best Italian I've had in Melbourne, and it makes me so happy to think we can get this food here now!

Kakigori from Onna-no-eki

Okinawa green curry from Onna-no-eki

A kimchi pork and bean sprouts stiry-fry from an Izakaya near my place (no idea what it's called)

Every Thursday and Friday Kijimuna comes to my work and sells tacorice bentos. These are the best lunch days

Spam and mayonnaise sushi from Hama sushi. I didn't eat this, but it felt like an "only in Okinawa" moment.

Date night we tried Pizzeria da Enzo at Cape Maeda, and it was amazing!

Fresh gnocchi from Pizzeria da Enzo was seriously delicious

I love these cold noodles on a summer's day from Family Mart

Pizza-man - A steamed bun with a cheese and Bolognese filling.

This was tasty.

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  1. I'm glad I am not the only one loving Family Mart's pasta/noodle salads. Guilty pleasures! :D