Things I love about Summer in Okinawa


If you know me, you will know that I hate humidity with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. The last time I went up to Queensland, the humidity made me want to kill people. I was an angry, former shell of my usual easy-going self.

So, when I moved to Okinawa, I knew I was going to have to embrace the humidity, as it is summer 9 months of the year over here. Over the last 4 weeks, the rainy season has brought the humidity along with it, and I hear things will get much worse.

So far, I feel like i've actually done what I promised myself and embraced the heat and humidity, and these are the things that are keeping me positive

  • Butterflies and Dragonflies - These guys are everywhere and I love it. No matter where I walk, I seem to see pretty butterflies everywhere, even on the beach!

  • The beach - Of course, living on the beach was one of the big draw-cards when it came to making the decision to move to Okinawa. I take the puppy for a walk on the beach everyday, and even if I don't get to swim, dipping my feet in is lovely
Ollie taking a dip

  • Greenery - Unlike Australia in the summer, which is brown and dry, Okinawa is really lush and green, with a lot of lovely flowers everywhere. Most recently, i'm loving this Okinawan Ginger flower that is all around my work 

  • Air-conditioning - My house has aircon in all the bedrooms and the living area, which is a lifesaver, as does my work and car. Going from an air-conditioned house to car, to workplace makes the heat bearable.

  • Vending Machines - Anyone that has been to Japan knows that there are vending machines EVERYWHERE, full of cool drinks to cool you down on a summer's day.
I know I have many months of the heat and humidity ahead of me, so hopefully I can keep up my positive resolve and enjoy it!

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  1. Lol I totally agree about the last two! One perk of living where we live is we can run our AC 24/7 and not have to pay for it, it is bliss! The other night when we lost power, all night, by 9am I was like "COME ON WITH THE AC ALREADY"

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Adrienne! We think so! Poor guy needs his hair kept short always in this heat.