Soupçon Beachside Cafe


There's a little cafe about 10 minutes drive from my place that I had heard makes great coffee, and I finally got to try it out the other day. The weather was rainy and miserable so I had to sit inside, however I imagine it would be lovely sitting outside on a sunny day looking out at the ocean.

Soupcon cafe is in Ishikawa, and is really laid back. The owners kids are hanging around and the furniture is mis-matched and comfy. I didn't try the food this time, but will definitely be back!

The outdoor seating area

Delicious Latte

A peak at the menu

View out at the ocean.

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  1. This is one of my favorite spots on island. It's only about 20 minutes from my house! Their food is delicious so I definitely recommend going back. You should try some of the other restaurants in the area, too... Niwa Cafe, Rurriiro Restaurant, and Exit Cafe are all good!

    1. Where do you live Kassie? I will definitely go back for the food! I feel like there are so many food places to try it's almost overwhelming! Will definitely look up those other places.