Nabee Beach ナビ ビーチ Manza Beach


A few weeks ago we had friends over from Australia so spent a lot of time at the beach and/or snorkelling. It was fantastic! One of my favourite beaches, not too far from home is Manza Beach. The waters are crystal clear, it's fine for swimming at both low and high tide and you can snorkel right off the beach. You definitely need reef shoes though cause there are sea urchins all over the place. It's right next to Nabee beach, which has a netted swim area, if you prefer, but I like walking a little bit to Manza beach because there are lots of shady areas to sit close to the beach, and the snorkelling gets me everytime!

Crystal waters

Lots of shady nooks
There's a roped off section which is Nabee Beach

There are sea urchins everywhere so you really need reef shoes to be safe

This urchin was the craziest/creepiest thing. If you look closely you can see two eyes and an orange mouth!

I spent ages following this guy around with my camera so I could get a good shot of him.

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