The Abandoned Island of the Seaside Drive-In


I've mentioned a couple of times about the island not far from my house, in this post, and this one. There's actually a story behind the abandoned building on this island that we were curious about since moving here, so now that we know it, I thought I would share it.
Basically, we first spotted this island when looking out the window at the Seaside Drive-in in Onna, just down the road from our house. We were always wondering what the building was for, whether anyone lived there, etc. So recently a Japanese friend told me the story. Years ago, the owners of the Seaside Drive-In decided to open a restaurant on the island, accessible by boat. They went about building the restaurant on the island, completed the building, and then only after this fact, decided to seek approval from the local authorities to get the electricity and other utilities hooked up. They were denied. So the building was never used, the restaurant never opened. In good news, it has awesome snorkelling surrounding it, and it's where I found Nemo just last week!

The photos below are courtesy of Helen and our visiting friends Jazz and Ty, who ventured over to the island to climb in to the abandoned building and get some photos.

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