Coffee cravings


Now I've been in Okinawa and away from Melbourne for 4 months, i've been a bit homesick for my old cafe frequenting lifestyle, whether it was going out for a delicious family breakfast on the weekend, or just having a large number of quality cafes to go to while I was at work. Okinawa is much much sleepier, and is definitely lacking in quality coffee, so when I read about a cafe in Naha (about 50 minutes drive from my house - this is my level of desperation) run by a Melbourne couple, I had to go check it out.
The food menu was awesome! It was full of all the breakfast foods i've been craving, and the coffee was delicious, although I was a little disappointed they didn't have an option for soy milk (but hey, I can't have everything, right?). You can find their website here (Japanese only) and their Facebook page here.

The cafe is located on a hilly street in Naha near Shuri Castle

The coffee machine and kitchen

I love the communal table

The delicious sounding menu! I need to go back and try it all

There's baked beans, ricotta and poached egg on toast under the leafy greens

I had a latte and Griff had a hot chocolate

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