Finding Nemo right near my house


Last month I posted about venturing over to the little island off the coast of our house (literally only about 2-300m away). Well when our friends arrived last week, and our other morning plans fell through, we decided to walk on over in low tide to the island and see whether there was anything worth seeing under the water. We packed out little inflatable boat with towels, cameras and drinks and headed over. I had no idea what an amazing snorkelling spot it would turn out to be!

The trusty boat

The island

Sea slug/cucumber? These guys are everywhere!

I spotted this lovely bird when I got to the island

Helen and Jazz - besties reunited in Okinawa

Little blueys (as I like to call them)

snorkel pose

Puffer fish

The blue fish are everywhere. I feel like they are the majority fish I am likely to see when snorkelling anywhere on Okinawa

I couldn't believe we actually found Nemo! This one was a tiny baby one, we found another anemone with a whole clown fish family as well


The Clown Fish family

Me, pointing to Nemo.

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