Ryukyu Mura 琉球村 in Onna Village


This past week we had some of our best friends visiting from Australia, and after 2 days of amazing snorkelling and sun, we decided to do something cultural and checked out Ryukyu Mura near our house.

Ryukyu Mura is a kind of outdoor museum of traditional Okinawan culture, and I have to say, I enjoyed it much more than I was expecting. There are many old traditional Ryukyu style houses that have been moved from other parts of the island to create a kind of village. Most of then you can go in, and there are different shops or workshops available to take part in each of them.

When we got to the centre of the village, we watched a traditional Okinawan performance with music and dancing. There is also a little lake in the middle with hundred of Koi Carp, that follow you around looking for food (you can buy little packets of the food from a vending machine next to the lake for 100 yen a packet).

Basically, I thought it was a nice activity to do for a half a day and would probably go back again with guests.

Jazz getting feisty with the Shisa

There were many traditional houses like this all around the village

The Koi desperate for some food

Griff got to pat a water buffalo

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