Obsessed with snorkelling


Since I arrived in Okinawa, i've become obsessed with snorkelling, and given a choice, I would probably do it everyday. This weekend we had friends visiting from Australia. They are in Japan for 2 weeks and for some cheap flights down to Okinawa to visit for the weekend. Luckily, the rainy season was declared officially over on Thursday, and Okinawa brought out it's best weather for our guests. 

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings we headed to Maeda Cape first thing to try and avoid the crowds and see some amazing fish. Saturday morning we had my 3 and a half year old in tow, so my snorkelling involved occasionally putting my head under whilst hanging with a child in a floating ring, but it was still fun. On Sunday Helen took the little man to the shops while we did some serious snorkelling.

I know Maeda can be like people soup with all the tour groups and diving companies, but there is a reason it is the most popular snorkelling spot on Okinawa's main island. The selection of fish is HUGE and there is lots of room to have a great snorkel. Also, the water is crystal clear. We tried to go to the secret snorkel spot in the afternoon, but it turns out that on the weekend, it's not so secret, and it was actually rough and really murky when we tried to go, so visibility was almost non-existent. 

Aaron and Reannon 

A school of fish

Reannon hanging with the fish

I love the colour of this water

crystal clear water

It's impossible to capture the real colours of the fish with my underwater camera but this blue/green fish is amazing in real life and one of my favourites.

These stripey fish seem to be the most common

A larger kind of clown fish. Not Nemo, but similar

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  1. Matt is becoming obsessed with snorkeling too! We havent been here yet but our friends say this place is great (maybe not as good as Maeda, but nice for a change) http://okinawahai.com/oodomari-beach-on-ikei-island/

    1. My go-to beach! But not super snorkeling.

  2. Looks amazing! We are going to the Yoron island later this year. I'm hoping it'll look like your photos :)

    1. Oh, i've heard Yoron Island is amazing! Enjoy!