36 Hours in Tokyo (part 2)


Even though we didn't get to bed until 3am, we were still up and ready to get out by around 9am. We made a special trip to Tokyo station to try T's Tantan, a vegan restaurant, specialising in ramen. This was a must for us because H is a vegetarian, and therefore, has never tried ramen. I did a bit of research and heard that T's Tantan was the best. It really didn't dissapoint, and for any vegetarians in Tokyo, I highly recommend this place. Another bonus is the fact that they are open from 7am, so you can get ramen for breakfast! Follow the signs for the Keiyo Line and you will find T's Tantan.

After filling up on Ramen we caught the train one stop to Yurakucho to go to the Muji flagship store. I LOVE Muji and the ones in Okinawa are very small in comparison. They had so much stuff on sale and we managed to get bed linen at 50% off to fit our bed, as well as new curtains to replace the old, ugly orange ones that came with the house. Shopping win!

After Muji, we headed back to Shibuya, so I could introduce H to my favourite store in the world, Loft. No trip to Tokyo is complete without a visit to Loft. We spent lots of time exploring, but actually only bought a few small things (unlike Muji, which we needed a whole extra bag to carry).

After Loft, we went to Uobei, for a little sushi snack. Mostly because I love the flying plates. There is no conveyor belt, so all the sushi is made to order and then comes out to you on this flying plate, all for only 100¥ a piece! I put up a little video of the flying sushi on Instagram, if you feel like taking a look https://instagram.com/rachiebee/ 

T's Tantan in Tokyo Station (in the Keiyo Street shopping area)

The tantan ramen

The shoyu ramen

The Muji flagship store in Yurakucho
Our haul - new bed linen and curtains

My favourite train - the Yamanote Line

Uobei flying sushi

Lunch beer

Crispy salmon skin nigiri

Shibuya lovers

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  1. definitely taking not of some of these for our trip to Tokyo later this year. Also, Muji....do they do stationery? I am pretty sure there is a store in London called Muji and I LOVED their stationery!