Sun Marina Beach


This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous weather, so first thing Saturday morning we got in the car to go and check out the beach at Sun Marina Hotel, which is only a short drive from our house. Entry to the beach is free, and the parking at the hotel wasn't too bad at 600¥. The designated swimming area is pretty small, but super child friendly. The water was lovely and clear and nice and cool. I get why the hotel beaches always have a netted swimming area, but it always leaves me longingly lusting after the non-netted areas where I know there will amazing snorkelling and less people.

After a swim we decided to go for a walk out along the sea wall to check out the water and the little towers they had. Helen and Griff decided to climb up one of the towers and get some photos, but Griff was too scared to get himself down again. Helen used some superstar moves and managed to carry him down the ladder, but he definitely won't be climbing up there again.

After another swim to cool off, we went and got a delicious tropical kakigori (shaved ice) treat to share. I love that stuff.

Walking out along the sea wall

View from the tower that G later wouldn't climb down from.

We could see all sorts of gorgeous fish from above.

tropical kakigori. Shaved ice, which had ice cream buried underneath

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  1. awesome will definitely have to check this place out! the shaved ice looks super yummy!

  2. I love the photo from underneath the lighthouse! When we visited this place, it was overcast but still really gorgeous. Glad you were able to visit.

  3. thanks for stopping by our blog, love your photos!

  4. I feel the same about that netted areas but that little lighthouse looks cute. I haven't been here, I'll have to go check it out.