Maeda Flats and Cape Maeda


So a few weekends ago, when we had lovely weather we decided to try out a new beach, Maeda flats. Prior to this, I met up with a work friend who had never been snorkelling at Cape Maeda, even though she had lived up the road for more than a year, so we went and had a snorkel there before meeting up with my family at Maeda flats beach.

Maeda beach was really lovely. There is lots of shady areas, so there's no need to bring a beach umbrella or a tent, and the water was gorgeous. It is nice at low or high tide as well, which is great.
While we were there we met some lovely Japanese people that had lived in Australia, and offered us some of the giant watermelon they were eating! Delicious! 
There are quite a few different beach areas at Maeda. We went down the path across the road from Pizzeria Da Enzo. You just park your car on the side of the road and walk down.

I finally got a photo of these fish that accurately depicts the colours!

My friend enjoying hanging with the fish at Cape Maeda

Maeda Flats Beach

It's hard to see, but I spotted three poisonous lionfish while I was snorkelling at Maeda which freaked me out a bit. If you look closely it's in the middle on the left side of this picture
Not my picture, but this is what I saw.

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