This morning I really struggled to get out of bed to walk the dog. We had a pretty restless night, with G waking up and then the dog barking at nothing. Basically, all I wanted to do was sleep right through the alarm, as well as the whole work day. But I didn't. I dragged myself out of bed and took a very excited puppy out for his morning walk. We got caught in a rain shower on our walk down the beach and when I turned around I saw a gorgeous rainbow.


I think I've hit a patch of homesickness. It's been 7 months and this Island is small and quiet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach and the fact that we get to enjoy this amazing location, but i'm also really looking forward to our trip back home for Christmas, and can't stop thinking about all the places I want to visit (namely restaurants and bars) when i'm back home. I really need to lose some weight before I go back because I know i'm going to put some on when i'm back in Melbourne.

Also, I was told that in order to keep sane while living here, you need to get off the island semi-regularly. Luckily for us, we've booked ourselves a family holiday to Tokyo in September, which i'm really looking forward to. We will be staying in Harajuku in an apartment I found on AirBnb and I'm busy listing all the places I want to go. We learned some lessons from our trip to Osaka/Kyoto earlier in the year and will try not to cram too much in to each day, instead just focus on one outing (we do have a small child after all) and allowing for a lot of down time. Hurry up September!

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  1. It seems around the 6mos-9mos mark is where people start to miss home. Don't worry, you are right on schedule. :) I think its a great idea to focus on trips off the island and Tokyo will definitely be a change of pace!!