Typhoon delays and Osaka


I can't believe it's already September! In under 3 weeks i'll be in Tokyo for a little family vacation, and in 3 and a half months, i'll be back home in Australia for Christmas!

Continuing on with my work trip, on Tuesday Typhoon Goni hit Kyushu. This was problematic because we were meant to leave Fukuoka early in the morning so we could arrive at Osaka and go to the University in the afternoon. We spent the whole day in Fukuoka waiting and waiting for the trains to start running again. Finally at 7:30pm, we boarded our Shinkansen and didn't arrive at our hotel in Osaka until 11:30pm. Unfortunately this meant missing the day at Osaka University and also I was too exhausted to get to do any exploring of the city. Luckily i've been to Osaka many times before so I wasn't too disappointed. 

When we arrived I spotted a really lovely mural on the wall and managed to get out early in the morning to take a photo of it. We spent he rest of the morning at Osaka University, and then left straight after lunch to head to Tokyo...

Crowds of people at Hakata station waiting for the trains to start running again.

A much deserved exhaustion shinkansen beer

Late night Umeda/Osaka

I really loved this mural.

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  1. have you updated your theme? looks great! Would you recommend Osaka as a place to take kids? We went to Kyoto last year and loved it, heading to Tokyo in November but I am considering Osaka as a trip for just the girls and I...thoughts?