Summer leave date day


The leave policy at my work is awesome. Every year during summer, we get 7 additional days of leave to take (but they must be used during July, August or September - you don't use, you lose). Anyway, H and I used one of these leave days on Monday to give ourselves a long weekend and have a child free date day.
The original plan was to do some snorkelling, but the weather was rainy and we were enjoying some quiet time too much. We did eventually get out of the house and decided to try a Thai place in Yomitan, that we hadn't been to before. Shirokuma is super cute! It's open everyday for lunch and dinner except Wednesdays. The interior is really lovely and quirky and the staff were really nice. They were happy to adjust the dishes to vegetarian for H.

Inside Shirokuma
H chose the curry sampler, which had all three curry options in little serves ( red, yellow and green) and even though it was a Thai restaurant, I couldn't resist trying the pho. Pho is one of my all time favourite foods, and I had never seen it on a menu in Japan, let alone Okinawa (I'm sure you can get it, i've just never seen it). Anyway, the curries were delicious, and the pho was also really good.  We will definitely be going back there.

The lunch curry sampler

Beef Pho
After lunch we stopped in at Onna no Eki for dessert and got this amazing shaved ice tropical dessert. These are really the best during summer! The colour of the dragon fruit was crazy vibrant.

Kakigori dessert

All in all, even though the weather kind of sucked, we had a lovely day.

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