Il gastro Sara


il Gastro Sara is an Italian style restaurant on route 58 in Onna village
Out front
A few weeks ago, a new restaurant opened up on route 58 about 5 minutes from my work! This kind of thing is always exciting for me because it means somewhere new to have the occasional lunch date with H and time away from the office. Il Gastro Sara, is an Italian style restaurant with a focus on fresh and seasonal vegetables. We were super happy to see that they offer a few vegetarian options as well as some other options (like the curry) that you can make vegetarian.

We have now been there twice, and although it's not AMAZING, it is a nice place for lunch. The inside of the restaurant is gorgeous, and I especially love that you can see what's happening in the kitchen. The staff are really nice and speak some English, and they also have an English menu. Both lunch times we have been there it has been quite busy, so it might be worth ringing to book a table if you have a few people in your party.

Everything on the menu seems to be made fresh, and you have an option of adding a soup or salad and a drink to your lunch (which also comes with fresh baked bread!) for an extra 500yen. The first time I had the salad, which was lovely, and the second time I opted for the soup (Corn), but I didn't realise it was going to be cold soup, so that was kind of odd, and not really my thing, even though it was tasty.

I look forward to trying out their night time menu sometime soon. You can find the location of the restaurant on the map on their website, but if you know where Cafe Doka Doka is, it is about 1 minute past that on route 58.

il Gastro Sara restaurant is an Italian Style restaurant on route 58 in Onna, Okinawa
Interior with open kitchen so you can watch all the action

The menu at il Gastro Sara, Okinawa
The menu

Herbs and olive oil are tasty with their fresh baked bread

The Mango Curry at Il Gastro Sara, Okinawa is beautiful and delicious!
Mango curry is vegetarian if you ask for it without the chicken

The white sauce lasagna

Mushroom pasta

Amatriciana pasta

Pannacotta and fruit for dessert

The bar

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