Tokashiki Island Daytrip - Do it!


Tokashiki Island is a short ferry from Mainland Okinawa, Japan. Snorkel in the crystal blue waters and relax on the beach!

Last Friday was the first day of the Golden Week Holidays in Japan and I finally got organised and booked ferry tickets over to Tokashiki Island! I've been wanting to visit Tokashiki since we moved to Okinawa over a year ago, but just didn't get there last year. We have friends visiting from Australia right now and the weather forecast was looking good so I jumped on the opportunity and off to Tokashiki Island we went!

We opted for the 10am slow ferry over, and the 4pm slow ferry back because I thought for sure 5 hours on the island would be enough. If I could change that though, I would definitely opt for more time! By the time you get from the ferry to the beach and then get the bus back to the beach, we really only had 3 hours on the beach, which seems like a lot, but flew by!

When we got off the ferry at Tokashiki port, there were buses waiting to go to the beaches. We opted for Aharen Beach, basically just because the bus was the closest and I had read good reviews of both the popular beaches (Aharen and Tokashiku). The bus ride to the beach takes about 10 minutes and is up over twisty mountain road. The views coming down to the beach were stunning! The bus drops you right at the entrance to the beach with a shower/toilet changing block.

Aharen Beach on Tokashiki Island is great for snorkelling or just relaxing by the crystal waters
Aharen Beach

A day trip to Tokashiki is worth it during your stay in Okinawa
Even on a busy day, the beach wasn't too crowded.

We brought all our snorkels, beach shoes, picnic and a beach tent with us, but you can hire everything you would ever need at the beach. We actually decided to get a beach umbrella (1000yen for the day) for extra shade, and my friend even rented a swimming shirt because she forgot her own!

We set up our spot on the beach and headed straight in to the water to snorkel! At first I was a bit worried the snorkelling wouldn't be great because the swimming area looked netted, but it actually wasn't a net, just a barrier because there were water sports happening around the beach (jetskis, banana rides etc).

The crystal waters of Tokashiki are amazing for swimming and snorkelling
Can you believe this is Japan?

The water was crystal clear and there were heaps of fish following us around! I could spend all day snorkelling I swear! The only thing that got me out of the water was the fact that I was cold and hungry....

The 3 hours we had on the beach absolutely flew by, so I definitely recommend making a long day of it if you can. My one other tip would be to make sure you take something for sea sickness!! The ferry ride over to the island was pretty horrific, I'm not going to lie. I'm not one to get sick easily, and I think beause the ocean was a little rough, it might have made it worse, but I felt horrible the whole trip. Luckily the sold motion sickness tablets at a little souvenir stand at Tokashiki port so we bought some of those for the trip home, which I think helped a little. I definitely want to go back to Tokashiki, but I will come prepared for sea sickness next time.

Me in my happy place

Having fun

Some of the fish you will see when snorkelling in Tokashiki

H surrounded by fish!

Family <3

The water at Aharen Beach, Tokashiki Island, Japan is crystal blue.
That water! Can you believe it!

G loved climbing on the rocks!

This stray cat was wandering between beach umbrellas talking to everyone

The ferry
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Tokashiki Island is a short ferry from Mainland Okinawa, Japan. Snorkel in the crystal blue waters and relax on the beach! The perfect daytrip!

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  1. Love those underwater pics! I think also splurging on the fast boat helps with the sea sickness! :) I can't wait to go back to Tokashiki! Arahen was for sure my favorite beach in Okinawa!

    1. Yeah, we will definitely get the fast boat next time!!

  2. Replies
    1. It is! You should definitely try and get there!

  3. These pictures are fantastic! I am pumped that we will get one extra year here because my goal is to do all the islands! I better get cracking! We must go to kudaka!

    1. Thanks! All taken with my iphone and no filters :) It was so beautiful!

    2. Underwater photos were taken with my underwater Fuji camera :)

  4. Looks amazing! I'm tempted to book another holiday to Okinawa, even though we should probably go and see some other parts of Japan which we haven't experienced yet :)

  5. My cousin lives in Okinawa. I'll have to make sure he knows about this beach!

  6. WOW! That water is UNREAL! And, I quite enjoy the pic of the stray cat :)

  7. Lovely beach and underwater photos. Thanks for sharing it at Wanderful Wednesday.

  8. I can't believe that the beach never was crowded! It seems like such a gem - so gorgeous!

  9. Is that not the clearest water ever, wow it's stunning! This places looks like the definition of paradise :)

  10. Nothing like a good island day trip!! This looks awesome and I don't think I've ever seen water more clear than this! Love the underwater shots! :D Thanks for linking up for #wanderfulwednesday!