Tokyo Friend-Trip, Part 1


Travelling with friends in Tokyo is so much fun! Join me to see the highlights and get some tips on where to go and what to see!

This past week was Golden Week in Japan, which is a week in late April/May when 4 national holiday days fall together meaning - Holiday time! It's one of the busiest travel times in Japan as it's notoriously hard for people in Japan to get time off work for extended periods.

As we had some of our best friends over from Australia, as well as little G's dad, who was happy to look after G for a few days, we headed to Tokyo for a child-free trip with friends! It was so much fun! Although we love travelling with our little guy, it's a rarity for us to have someone to babysit for us so we are so grateful that we got to have a grown up 3 nights in Tokyo.

Out on the streets of Shibuya
We arrived at our apartment in Shibuya at around 4:30pm so dropped off our luggage at our AirBnb and headed out to show my friends around Shibuya. We went shopping at my favourite store, Loft, as well as some of the shoe shops (ABC Mart and Asbee) before having a drink at the closest bar and then heading out for more snacks and drinks at an izakaya. On the way back to our apartment, we passed a Lindt cafe that was still open and couldn't resist getting some chocolates as well as a soft service ice cream! It was delicious!

Soft service milk and dark chocolate from the Lindt cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo
Lindt soft serve was amazing!

I love the colour of the taxi's in Tokyo
The next day, our first full day in Tokyo, I wanted to show my friends some traditional Japan, so we headed to Asakusa to see Sensoji Temple, the same thing i had done with family the month before, but a must-see when in Tokyo for the first time. We walked up to the temple via one side of Nakamise street shopping for souvenirs, and came back to the station down the other side of the street.

Because we visited on Kodomo no Hi (Children's day) there was a parade happening with some traditional floats being pulled around the temple with small children taking part. There was also lots of festival food stalls around the temple. We chose to get Kakigori (shaved ice) because it was such a warm day and sat down to eat it by a gingko tree.

Soe of the many souvenirs available from the stores on Nakamise street, approaching Sensoji Temple

Tokyo Skytree in the distance

Fresh senbei being made on Nakamise St near Sensoji temple, Asakusa
Fresh senbei crackers being made on Nakamise St near Sensoji Temple.

Lovely Sensoji Temple
Kakigori (Shaved ice) was perfect on a hot day!
A parade for Children's day

So lucky for this woman <3

The grounds surrounding Sensoji Temple in Asakusa include a gorgeous Japanese Garden with Koi Carp pond and little shrines
Such a beautiful sunny day
Loved hanging with these awesome guys!
The Japanese garden on the Sensoji grounds is so lovely
Childrens day at Sensoji Temple in Tokyo
Children's day festivities at Sensoji Temple
After finishing up at Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, we headed to Tokyo station for vegan ramen at T's Tan Tan, then hopped on the Yamanote line train to Harajuku where we made our way through the crowds on Takeshita Dori (street) before heading to Commune 246 for dinner and drinks (separate post to come on that awesome place!).

If you're thinking about a holiday in Tokyo, I really recommend staying at the apartment we were in. It was 2 bedrooms with really comfortable beds and only a short walk from Shibuya station! You can find the link here, and if you sign up for Airbnb with my link, you will get money off your first stay!

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  1. This is the definition of a Wanderful day! So beautiful! How long have you been living in Japan? Thanks for linking up!

    1. I've been here for almost a year and a half now! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I didn't know they had a Lindt cafe in Tokyo! I've never even seen one in Europe! Anyway, Tokyo seems gorgeous in springtime!

  3. Gorgeous colours! What an amazing way to spent a week of national holidays (I think every country should have a week like that!!) and that ice-cream looks so incredible, especially as that's my favourite brand of ice-cream, mmmm!! Thanks so much for linking up with #Wanderfulwednesday, hope to see you again next week!

  4. Yay for grown up time! This looks like so much fun and that ice cream looks unbelievable! I didn't know Lindt made ice cream! Thanks so much for linking up with us! :D #WanderfulWednesday