Where to find Vegan ramen in Tokyo


Vegan ramen may seem hard to find at first, but you just need to do a bit of research and look in the right places. This article will show you a couple of cool places to try in Tokyo

Last week I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Tokyo with great friends and no child (sounds like a dream right!?). As everyone we were travelling was vegetarian (and one vegan) we were on the hunt for all the best vegan options Tokyo had to offer. This, of course meant eating vegan ramen!!

I had read about the vegan ramen you could get at Chabuton, which even though it is a chain ramen joint, I still wanted to try it. It's not often that you get the traditional ramen restaurant experience if you are a vegan. By traditional, I mean, ordering from a vending machine, passing your tickets to the person behind the counter making your ramen, and sitting side by side with Japanese people slurping away on their ramen.

Ordering your food from a vending machine can seem kind of intimidating, but this one had pictures of all the food so you could tell what you were ordering. The other great thing about this place, which is also a rarity in Japan, is that they have veggie gyoza (Japanese dumplings). Also, if you are having any trouble ordering, Japanese people are extremely helpful, so you just need to ask for help. I would also recommend memorising the Japanese for Beer (ビール), as there is no picture for this on the vending machine, and I don't know about you, but I need a beer with my ramen!

Chabuton is a ramen chain that has one vegan ramen option. It is delicious and worth finding!
The entrance to Chabuton Ramen in Shimokitazawa

Ordering ramen from a vending machine can seem daunting but you just insert your money, select the picture of the ramen you want and hand your tickets to the person behind the counter
At Chabuton, you need to pay using the vending machine first, then hand your tickets to the person at the counter

The vegan ramen at Chabuton in Shimokitazawa is delicious!
The only vegan version of ramen at Chabuton, as well as veggie gyoza
The vegan ramen at Chabuton is made with spirulina noodles, and although I don't think it looked that attractive, it was amazingly tasty! I was definitely impressed and will definitely go back next time we are in Tokyo.

The Chabuton we went to was in Shimo-kitazawa, on the Keio Inokashira line (only a few minutes from Shibuya!). You can find the google pin here
Vegan ramen at Chabuton in Shimokitazawa uses spirulina to make the noodles. Yum!
The ramen! So delicious!

Everything at T's TanTan in Tokyo station is vegan
The other ramen place we went to, I have already been to twice before, T's TanTan in Tokyo station. This is probably the most well known place to get vegan ramen in Tokyo, and for good reason. Everything in the restaurant is vegan, and as well as about 5 different types of ramen, they offer curry rice, fake meats and bibimbap. It is all delicious!

My favourite is the shoyu ramen, but I also love the tantan. It's always hard to decide what to get when we are there, but the good thing is that you can get a mini side dish of their curry, bibimbap or fake fried chicken with your ramen if you're struggling with your decision and want all the flavours!

The shoyu ramen at T's Tantan in Tokyo station is so delicious! You can get a small side of curry and rice to go with it!
The shoyu (soy sauce) ramen with a small side of vegan curry

The tantan ramen at T's TanTan is super delicious! As is their small side of bibimbap.
The tantan ramen with a small side of bibimbap
T's Tantan is inside the gates of Tokyo Station (which is HUGE and extremely busy) so it can seem a bit daunting to find. The easiest way to find it it to look for the signs to the Keiyo line and follow them. Keep following the signs until you come to what looks a bit like a shopping street. It is on the right hand side and usually has a line out the front if you arrive during lunch time. The line tends to move fairly quickly though so don't let the wait deter you. It will be worth the wait for a hungry vegan. You can find their menu online here, as well as directions if you can read Japanese. If all else fails and you find yourself in Tokyo station with no idea where to go, ask for help!

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