Commune 246 - Aoyama, Tokyo


When we were in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago for our Tokyo friend trip, I stumbled across Commune 246 when searching for vegan friendly places in Tokyo. I followed their Instagram page and was really impressed by how the place looked. A bonus was that it was also not too far from Harajuku, so we headed there after our afternoon of shopping in Harajuku.

Commune 246 is a kind of permanent food truck park or outdoor food court near Omotesando Station and has a huge variety of places to choose your food and drinks from. I was instantly in love, because it reminded me a lot of something you would find in Melbourne , which was probably not super great for our friends we were travelling with on holiday from Melbourne, but great for us who miss Melbourne like crazy everyday. 

The variety of food available was almost overwhelming, with Thai, German sausage, hot dog, vegan, and many others to choose from. Pretty much all the food vendors were also selling booze, which also added to the choices. We opted for some organic beer and wine from the Cori Vegan Food Stand, which was a little pricey, but really delicious. We also got some of the Brooklyn Ribbon Fries in a couple of flavours and a felafel plate from the vegan place, all to share. 

There are plenty of tables and places to sit, so even though it was busy, we were comfortable. There was a pretty international crowd there on a Thursday night. I think this place is great because there is basically something for everyone, and it even seemed pretty kid friendly, especially if you were going there during the day (it's open from 11am).

Cori Vegan Food Stand at Commune 246 in Tokyo is a great option for vegan food in the Shibuya and Harajuku area
Cori Vegan Food Stand was fantastic!

Adorable coffee shop at Commune 246 in Tokyo
How adorable is this coffee shop???

Thai food - although everything seemed to have shrimp in it, which I don't eat!

Adorable food truck which is part of the Commune 246 outdoor food court in Minami Aoyama in Tokyo. There is food and drink here to please everyone.

Brooklyn Ribbon Fries from Commune 246 in Tokyo
Delicious chips - they were a cross between fries and potato chips
Cori Vegan Food Stand at Commune 246 had a delicious felafel plate as well as organic wine and beers in Tokyo
Vegan felafel plate

Commune 246 can be accessed really easily from Omotesando station A4 exit on the Chiyoda Line, the Ginza Line or the Hanzomon Line.
It is also only a 15-20 minute walk from Shibuya and even less from Harajuku, so is a good place to get a drink after a long day of wandering in Tokyo.

Map can be found here

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  1. This is awesome and I want to go! Definitely adding it to my list for the next Tokyo visit!

    1. If you're travelling with the kids, it's only about a 10 minute walk from Kiddyland in Harajuku!

  2. this looks cool! i'll have to check this out next time

  3. WHAT! I should have read through more of your Tokyo post before my trip. Oh well another reason to head back.

  4. Being vegetarian, this was of particular interest to us. I think this is a great treat for Vegans and vegetarians as there is so much choice. We sometimes find it difficult to get vegetarian food in some places. Now I know that when we plan to get Tokyo we need not worry.

    1. I'm not vegetarian, but my Partner is so i'm always researching the best vegetarian places to eat in Japan :)