Life lately - May


Time for another life update! Yet again, we have been super busy for the past month. We had our second influx of visitors for the year and it was so much fun! Some of our besties came over for almost 2 weeks and we seemed to pack so much in to that time. They were here over the Golden Week period so we had lots of time off work due to national holidays and were also blessed with some great weather. We spent the first week with our friends at various beaches around Okinawa, including finally making it over to Tokashiki Island, which I have been wanting to go to since we moved here.

Plarail rail sets from Japan are great for kids! There are so many different Japanese trains and track formations.
Plarail mania at our house
We also had a couple of snorkels at Maeda beach, which is a great alternative when Maeda Cape is closed, as well as eating at a few of the vegan restaurants around Okinawa. In the second week, G's dad arrived to stay for a week, and we got to head off to Tokyo for 3 nights for a friend trip! Basically, it has been a really lovely month, and so awesome to hang out with friends from home.

Tokashiki island has crystal blue waters and is just a short ferry ride from Okinawa main island. It's worth the day trip!
Tokashiki - I still can't get over this water! This photo is not filtered at all!

Puzzle accomplished - minus one piece

Shibuya at night is a must see in Tokyo
Shibuya, Tokyo
For the past couple of weeks now we've had the house back to ourselves and are getting back into the normal routine. G is obsessed with his Plarail train set and is constantly making new, and more elaborate tracks for his trains. We've also started him on this awesome reading app in the iPad, called Reading Eggs, which he LOVES,  and is already making so much progress, which is exciting. He's gone from knowing the letters in the alphabet, but not being able to read, to reading some words and sentences in just a couple of weeks!

Also, i'm trying to get back to running the dog regularly and eating more healthily, seeing as we indulged like crazy with guests here for a few weeks! It was so much fun to be able to drink and eat everything and anything, but it's time to reign it in (although the fondue photo from below is kind of the opposite of reigning it in....).

G's first fondue
Our next guests aren't here until the end of June, so we will be taking it easy for the next month and a bit, although work is getting BUSY. Rainy season in Okinawa began this week (although it felt like December - April was rainy season, but whatever...) and will last for a few weeks, but it's really warm and humid, which beats the cold windy days of the rainy winter. I'm hoping to get out and explore some more places in Okinawa in the coming month, so stay tuned.....

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