Okinawa Vegan Food Fest


The first Okinawa Vegan Food fest was held at Kaneku Seaside Park in Kadena
Vegan Food Festival
This past weekend we went to Okinawa's first vegan food festival at Kaneku Seaside Park in Kadena. It was actually on the hottest day so far this year, and the sun was out which was amazing. Unfortunately for the stall holders though, it was really windy, so things were blowing everywhere and some of the food vendors couldn't open sue to fire hazards or something (including my favourite - GubGubs!)

We did a quick walk around the stalls to see what was available. By midday most of the food stalls already had lines pretty decent lines, but we decided to join the line for felafel things because they looked delicious and it's one of the things you don't often get to eat here in Okinawa! While we were waiting in line for the felafel, we took turns to go and check out the other food stalls and picked up some vegan bibimbap from one stall, and what seemed to be another vegan bibimbap from the Ukishima Gardens stall as well as a little bottle of vegan wine to have with our picnic.

After getting the felafel goods we found one of the very limited spots of shade and got out our picnic blanket to eat. The felafel pita and felafel bowl were definitely the favourites of the day and were worth the line up for. The hummus and tahini they used on them were amazing and they made everything on the spot (hence the long wait times). The other meals we tasted (both the bibimbaps) were pretty average, but I think that's because they were going for more of a macrobiotic healthy vibe, whereas we just prefer things to be tasty! Haha.

I heard that all the food had sold out within 2 and a half hours, so i'm really glad that we got there early and had our choice of things to eat. I think for next year, they definitely need to think about better shade options for people (I got sunburned) but overall it was really nice to see something different in Okinawa.

Gorgeous, but windy day

bags blowing in the wind

Pottery for sale

This was my favourite stall

The felafel was amazing

Felafel Pita Sandwich from the Okinawa Vegan Food Festival full of felafel, salad and hummus
Felafel pita sandwich

Felafel bowl from the Okinawa Vegan Food Festival full of felafel, salad and hummus
More felafel

Vegan bibimbap and a mini vegan wine

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