Okinawa Beach Day


Okinawa Beaches with crystal blue waters

Today, our last family guest is going back to Australia, but we will only need to wait another 2 short weeks until the next batch arrives! Once again, the weather here in Okinawa has involved days and days of rain, luckily though a couple of weekends ago we had the perfect weather to show our family what we love the most about Okinawa - the beaches!

We started our morning with breakfast at Kaiholo cafe, then headed up route 58, taking the scenic coastal route all the way to my favourite place - Sesoko Island. If you've read my previous posts (best beaches in Okinawa, and Sesoko Island Paradise) you will know how beautiful this place is. Because we really only had one day to get to the beach with some of our family who were only in Okinawa for a short time, I wanted to make sure it was the best beach!

Cute latte
The water was still quite cold (read: freezing!) but it was sunny and gorgeous anyway. We set ourselves up in a shady spot and some even braved the cold enough to have a snorkel!

Sesoko Island has the most beautiful clear water
Water time!

Sesoko Beach, Okinawa
Seriously! This water?!

Bridge to Sesoko Island Okinawa
Bridge from Sesoko back to the main island
After lunch, I really wanted to take the family to the Hammock Cafe, Anettaichaya, however it seems that word has gotten out about how great it is because even early on a Tuesday there was a HUGE line up out front to get in. This makes me sad because last time we went on a weekend it wasn't busy at all.

After the dissapointment of not being able to eat lunch there we kept driving back towards Nago and stopped off at Okashi Goten Sweets Palace (The sweet potato factory) and decided to eat at one of their restaurants, Ikoi. They had a decent variety of Okinawan meals and we all found something we wanted to eat. The restaurant had a lovely view out over the forest and cute little wooden tables to sit at. After the dissapointment of not getting to go to the Hammock Cafe, this was actually really nice and we all left satisfied. After lunch we wandered around the shop selling Okinawa souvenirs as well as many many sweet potato products!

Lunch at Okashi goten Nago
Lunch at the sweet potato factory

Ice cream time
Considering the recent rainy weather, i'm so glad that our visitors were blessed with some gorgeous sun so we could show them how beautiful Okinawa is, as well as getting to my favourite beach!

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