My Okinawa Neighbourhood


A couple of weeks ago on one of our rare sunny days I captured some cute photos of my neighbourhood while I was walking the dog. 

When I first moved in to our neighbourhood all I noticed was the grey concrete houses and struggled to find anything pretty about it, but these days I really love the look of my neighbourhood with the narrow streets that you can barely fit a car down, and tropical flowers everywhere! The weather is slowly heating up and there are so many more flowers in bloom. It seems like every second house is covered with bougainvillea vines or surrounded by hibiscus trees. Okinawa definitely looks nothing like mainland Japan!

Nakadomari beach in Okinawa
Love that this is what I wake up to on a sunny day

Shisa statues protect houses in Okinawa from evil spirits
Shisa outside a house in my neighbourhood

Old Okinawa style house in my naighbourhood
My favourite house in the neighbourhood

I wonder how old this place is?

These flowers were really big and a super pretty peach colour

Bougainvillea flowers are everywhere in Okinawa
Bougainvillea is out in force in the neighbourhood right now

Hibiscus will forever remind me of Okinawa
Narrow streets

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  1. Oh man! What a beautiful little neighborhood! I love when all of the flowers really start to bloom right now! I think you've inspired me to take a little walking tour of our neighborhood with my camera one day this week!

    1. Yeah, Okinawa is really pretty when all the flowers start to bloom. It makes it feel even more tropical!

  2. Those peach flowers are angels trumpets! You can actually grow them inside as well if you live in a colder climate and they come in a few different colors, mostly soft pastels.
    I love all the bougainvilleas in Okinawa, they will be a staple a in "forever home" garden.

    I love Okinawa neighborhoods as well, they have lots of little surprises in them if you take the time to look.

    1. Yeah, bougainvilleas are really popular in Australia too, so they remind me a little bit of home.

  3. lovely flowers! and the beach:) #wanderful wednesday

  4. I guess every place looks dull when it's grey outside but when the sun comes out and flowers start to blossom, everything seems so much better again ;)

  5. Beautiful shots! I love seeing the smaller details of where people live as I think it tells you lots about a place. I'm totally sold on the idea of taking your camera to look a little closer, it's something I always enjoy doing :)

  6. I love to take my camera with me when the weather is nice to capture the neighborhood too. Lovely pictures!

  7. What a cool neighbourhood - looks like a cross between Japan and the tropics!