Life lately - April


Life lately has been BUSY! This year is already flying by so quickly. I hope it slows down when it actually turns to proper beach weather. I know I talk about weather a lot at the moment, but seriously Okinawa, get your act together. I feel like it's been raining constantly for the last 4 months and i'm over it! Don't get me wrong, we get some sun every now and again, but I think it's on average 2 sunny days to 5 miserable ones.

A few days ago we said goodbye to our first guests of the year. It was so nice to have family here and get to show them around Tokyo, as well as where we're living in Okinawa. It also meant a couple of date nights because we had people offering to babysit! There's just something so luxurious and amazing about kid-free date time with my lady! All up we managed to get in 3 dates over 3 weeks. Our first date we just went out for a few drinks in our neighbourhood. First we stumbled into a cute and tiny French restaurant and had some wine, then on to an izakaya down the street for another drink and a snack.  Our second date we headed further afield to Shirokuma Thai in Yomitan.

Zhyvago coffee in Chatan is a really cool little cafe with a great view of the East china sea
Having some solo time with a coffee at Zhyvago Coffee Works
Street art in american village, Chatan
Around American Village Chatan

Colourful buildings along the seawall in Chatan
I love the colourful buildings around American Village

A couple of weeks ago I also managed to get some solo time to go out for a coffee and read my kindle. It was a rare sunny morning so I headed to Zhyvago Coffee Works in Chatan to sit in the sun and look out over the water while H and her mum took the little guy to his swimming lesson. I managed to have a walk around and get some photos as well.

Date night 1 - a french place nearby and an izakaya in Onna

Maeda Beach is one of the nicest on mainland Okinawa
Maeda beach
In just another two short weeks we will have the next influx of visitors. Some of our besties are coming over to hang out (they were also here last year) over the Golden Week holiday so we will be doing lots of exploring of the island as well as jetting up to Tokyo for a few nights of fun! It will be a completely different trip than the recent one with family, so i'm really looking forward to it!
Shirokuma Thai in Yomitan has really tasty Thai food
Date night 2 at Shirokuma Thai restaurant in Yomitan

Sparklers during a power outage

Street art on an building in Chatan, Okinawa
Some random street art in Chatan
In other good news, a new, vegetarian friendly restaurant has opened up just down the road from my work. It's got a lovely fit-out and is italian style food. I will try to do a more detailed post on it later, but I love it when a new place opens near my house! It also has a pretty stellar view!

il gastro sara, restaurant Onna-son Okinawa
New restaurant near my work

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  1. Date nights are great! I think all parents need (and deserve) some alone time every so often. My husband and I (whenever he is Japan) go out, just the two of us, at least once a week, which, in addition to us being parents, makes us feel like a couple :)