Cherry blossoms in Kyoto


Kyoto Cherry Blossoms

While we were in Kyoto for the day, we found a quiet spot in Maruyama Park, away from the crowds for some O-Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing). We went to a conbini (convenience store) on our way there and bought a picnic mat and other essentials, and relaxed for a good hour under the blossoms. Sorry in advance for the sakura spam below. I have many MANY more photos of cherry blossoms but managed to limit the post to the below:

We found a lovely spot for Hanami in Maruyama park

Griff finding great hiding spots for his cars

Cherry Blossoms

Kyoto cherry blossoms
We were lucky to get blue skies in Kyoto because it was raining on the days either side

Kamo River Cherry blossoms kyoto
Kamo river runs through central Kyoto

A lovely stream in a Kyoto backstreet

Family Selfie under the Sakura

Griff love's this cat character at the moment.

This guy was making some sort of delicious custard filled parfait fish shaped pastry

There were lots of food stalls at Maruyama Park for the Hanami

Cherry blossoms maruyama park Kyoto
This is a famous weeping cherry blossom in the centre of Maruyama Park.
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Cherry blossoms in Kyoto add even more beauty to an already beautiful city! This is a bucket list Japan experience. Visit my blog to find the best places to check them out!

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  1. oh my... those fish pastries are my favorite!! I get them every time I see them. They make some that look like two pancakes with filling in the middle, but they're just not the same!