Day off adventure


The other day I was lucky to have a day off in lieu, which meant Helen and I got to enjoy a child free day!

We started the morning with Breakfast at a Hawaiian cafe near our house, which was fantastic. It actually opens at 7am (usually cafe's don't open til 10 or even 11am here in Okinawa, which is too late for breakfast!) and offers more than just pancakes. We over-ordered, which we know not to do next time, but we weren't disappointed.

After breakfast we went and finally bought ourselves some snorkel sets and set out to Cape Maeda. The water conditions stated that it was "ok to swim, but only with certified tour guides/groups". We were the only ones there not in wetsuits and/or life jackets, but I figured, we're Australian, and grew up in the ocean! Anyway, of course it was fine. It was low tide, so we needed to walk out over the reef in shallow water to get to an place we could swim, but as usual, the visibility was amazing, and we saw heaps of beautiful, colourful fish!

After Maeda Cape, we drove home, then collected our dog, and decided to walk over to this island not far from our place, that is accessible by walking during low tide. We've always been really curious about this island, because there are abandoned buildings on it. We finally found out from a friend, that the Seaside Drive-In in Nakadomari (right near our house), planned to open another restaurant on this little island, accessible by boat. They went about building it, and not until they had completed the building, did they decide to contact the authorities about getting water, gas, electricity etc organised. They were refused permission for these things, and the restaurant was never opened. It's now just an eery run down building on an island.
Anyway, we finally sated our curiosity and walked over there while it was still low tide. We had to carry the dog most of the way because he doesn't love the water, but we finally made it and got to explore the rocks. We saw some amazingly neon blue fish swimming around the rocks, and got our snorkels on to check them out! All in all, it was an awesome day!

The cream on these waffles would make Leslie Knope proud!

Mushroom cream omelette that came with a side of 2 pancakes!

The resident puppy at Kaiholo Cafe

The island across from our house.

The abandoned building

The lovely water around the island

If you look closely, you can see the little blue fish towards the bottom right-hand corner of this photo

I tried to capture an underwater photo of the blue guy. I really need to get a good underwater camera


Our house is next to the big building in this photo. This is the view from the Island back to the shore.

Ollie doing his best

We found these birds eggs on the beach. 

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