Thai lunch and gardening


This weekend we decided to go in search of some Thai food. We used to live down the road from what I still think is the tastiest Thai i've ever eaten and I really miss it.
Although Jai Thai in Chatan wasn't as amazing as our beloved Thaila Thai, it was still delicious and they had a huge selection of Vegetarian, which was great for Helen!

Vegetarian Spring Rolls. These were amazing and contained some sort of curried rice and veg.

Green curry with faux meat.

Griff's Kids plate. He loves going to any restaurant that has a special kids meal

A few weeks after we settled into our house we decided to plant some vegetables to see what would happen. Our soil is really muddy and clay-like, so I wasn't sure, but actually everything we've planted is thriving and now they all have flowers, or vegetables already growing! These are now about 2 months old. This weekend Griff and I got down in the garden and weeded (it was starting to get very overgrown), so now we can see our vegetable plants without trying to spot them through the weeds.
The pumpkin vine is getting ready to flower

The eggplant

The watermelon. It already has a flower, but not sure how it will go because the plant is still so tiny.

2 capsicums on the tree, with more flowers ready to bloom

The tomato tree

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  1. Wow! I have a black thumb so I'm always so impressed by gardens. Can't wait to see how everything turns out.

  2. I was looking at all of your gorgeous gardening pictures with the same thoughts as Kassie- every single plant I have ever owned dies. I bought succulents in little pots at Mekeman because everyone told me there was no way to kill them, and sure enough just the other day all of the leaves fell off of one. Looks like you have such great talent and such an awesome variety of things in your garden!
    Also: the only Thai place I've tried here is on the third floor of the Plaza Housing Shopping Center (what, on the 329, there's a KFC and Kanehide right there?) and it was really good! We'll have to try this place out, too!