Photos lately


This sunset was spectacular the other day. I'm starting to regret not having a real camera

We bought real cheese and artichokes from Kaldi Coffee farm and snacked. It was gooooood

I came across this cute house in my neighbourhood the other day. So old and Okinawan

Every Saturday this bread van stops by our house and sells bread to people

Fireworks for sale at a local store. I really want to get some but am not sure of the fireworks etiquette

I did my nails in confetti style

I want to be my cat

My favourite ice cream in Japan. It's chocolate-coffee flavour!

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  1. Your nails match the blanket that the cat is laying on! Also, I have a DSLR camera for sale. It has a cracked cover, but it's an easy $10 fix. Let me know if you're interested!!