Under the Sea


A few weeks back I got to go snorkelling at Maeda Cape in Onna. The company we went with, Take Dive were fantastic and took a bunch of photos with their underwater cameras that we got after we finished. 

Because two of our group wanted to do a dive, we got taken out on the boat.

I'm one of those guys

Fashionable with our snorkels in the famous Blue Cave

Fish feeding

We saw some awesome fish down there. The photo doesn't do justice to the colour.

I wanted to be able to swim down below the surface but the wetsuits made it almost impossible. This was one try. Me on the left, Helen on the right.

And another try to get under

Snorkelling buddies

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  1. Fun! You two should do the whale shark snorkeling trip... or get certified and do it as a dive. :)