Secret snorkelling spot


Last weekend, we decided to go in search of a secret snorkelling location not far from our place that we had heard was not crowded (like Maeda Cape) and had a great variety of fish to see. I can't believe we live so close to such an amazing secluded beach! I'm looking forward to spending lots of time here on sunny days!

You have to drive down a dirt road to reach it

Walk along a muddy track

Until you reach this amazing spot!

Crystal clear water

The snorkelling spot is out in the middle of the water in a blue lagoon full of amazing fish!

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  1. There are so many hidden gems in Okinawa! It looks so beautiful!

  2. love finding little places like that :)

  3. Is this the place that I told you about? If so, I hope you loved it!!

    1. Yes Kassie. I love it, and the fact that we've been the only people there both times so I don't want to publicise it!

  4. Looks amazing!